Female Pedophiles

The title says it all. Whatever a man can do, a woman can do as well. To deny that the possibility exists is not so different from denying a woman’s ability to perform better than a man. Feminism promotes equality for both men and women. None of us are above the law and our gender definitely should not bypass the law. Yes, there are many young girls who have been sexually assaulted by older men, there is absolutely no denying that. However, we should not ignore the reverse. Rather than just banter on, I thought this video would better explain.


Concerning Radical Feminism… again

I’ve recently discovered that the main ideals of radical feminism is to stop patriarchy and completely promote equal rights for men and women. I get that now and I want to apologize if I had offended anyone. However… it doesn’t change the fact that, like feminism, the term has been radically twisted into a word related to misandry. I once mentioned that radical feminism was the bane of feminism. However, there is actually another term that correlates to my misunderstood definition of radical feminism – female separatism. It is a term that decrees that that women must completely cut themselves off from men.

While I do apologize for confusing the terms, I must point out that this was how I indeed discovered radical feminism and that there are a number of blogs, hidden from the search, that adhere to the concept of radical feminism and separatist feminism as being one. However, the biggest factor to which made me believe the two were one and the same came from a “Radical Feminist Manifesto” written by Valerie Solanas. If this name rings a bell, then you already know where this is going. If you don’t, then be enlightened. The manifesto is simple known as the SCUM Manifesto (Society for Cutting Up Men).

The manifesto decrees that men have ruined the world and  that it is up to women to clean things up. There are quite a number of things that actually have valid points for feminism. Unfortunately, it goes too far when decreeing that men should be killed and they themselves should help finding a way to commit androcide. It states that it wants to destroy things like cars, sports and pretty much any other thing that may be related to men.

I seriously hate this manifesto. This is not what feminism strives for.

I seriously hate this manifesto. This is not what feminism strives for.

I hate this manifesto and I hate most that it stands for. I hate how it generalizes men and hate how it tries to fool women into believing that we can simply fix everything. While it does have valid points, it progresses into nothing more than movement of hate and violence, two things I am highly against. I do believe most women can do things better, but I do not believe that women in general are the answer. As individuals, we all have different beliefs and perspectives of things. One person’s meat is another person’s poison.

Again, I want to apologize to the radical feminists I have offended – to the ones who follow its true ideal at least. For those who believe that it is also female separatism, I am against you.

Pro Female Supremacist, but Anti Matriarchy

The title may seem like an oxymoron. I am a female supremacist, yet I am against matriarchy. How is that? Being female supremacist, isn’t it only natural to approve of matriarchy? No, not exactly.

To clarify, I do believe that most women are superior than men. Anything a man could do, women could do better. Time and time again, it has been proven that women could do better than men, especially when enticed to do so. Unfortunately, a patriarchal society pretty much binds us women from exploiting most of our true potential. We have become culturally tolerant of the gender roles and see very little problem in it. However, when you actually look at history, whenever a woman does something a man does, it hits hard and the whole world pretty much goes in shock.

Now, since most women could do better, wouldn’t it be better to set up a matriarchal society and have women permanently take up the seat of power to keep things better and more prosperous? The answer is no. I believe that women can definitely do things better than most men, but I do not believe that such things should be handed to us in a silver platter.

Power and authority needs to be earned, not inherited. Matriarchy is a cultural belief that I do not truly abide with, just like patriarchy. If a person is capable of the job, then they should definitely be given the job, regardless of gender, race or background. If they can do something great, they should not be denied the chance to make things flourish. However, we should not just hand over the seat of power because of gender.

But wait, since women are better, wouldn’t it be more prudent to have them automatically take the seat of power? Again, no. Gender does not define a person, it is their deeds and actions. Everyone is unique and has their own set of principles and beliefs. Morality does not flow through our veins and is not inherited. It is built upon our environment and our perception of things. Yes, most women can do better than most men, but that is only in action. However, be abilities does not necessary equal better morals.

WWE: Divas

I hang out with guys a lot. I won’t keep that a secret. I am not into them, but I enjoy spending time with them. I’m a very tomboyish gal. Pants seem more comfortable than skirts and I often enjoy action. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think myself as a guy, but as a girl who enjoys the things the guys do.

When I was a kid, I was introduced to material mainly oriented to boys. My uncle, in particular, introduced me to video games like Prince of Persian and Mortal Kombat 3. Since then, I’ve been interested in this sort of stuff. Now before anything else, no, I don’t enjoy every guy activity there is. For one thing, I’m not a big fan of sports. I don’t watch basketball, football or even boxing. Also, there are feminine things that I do enjoy at times. Believe me, I used to watch Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana back in the day. Regardless, what I want to discuss about is professional wrestling, particularly World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yes, I know it’s all scripted and none of them are genuinely trying to brutalize one another. Yes, I know that real wrestling comes from Ancient Greece. However, I still enjoy it. I enjoy the action and insanity that takes place.

Now, WWE has been around for a very, VERY long time. I’m not sure when exactly I started watching, but the earliest episodes I recall was Evolution turning on Randy Orton, Carlito stealing John Cena’s chain, and JBL being forced to defend his title against the Undertaker, Booker T and Eddie Gurrero. At first, I wasn’t too interested, mainly because I didn’t know which channel aired these shows. However, as soon as I got a chance, I’ve been trying to keep track of the schedule.

All time favorite wrestler.

All time favorite wrestler.

Okay, now that those humble beginning are out of the way, I want to discuss the main reason for this page: the Divas division. Back then, there were tough as nails divas who were willing to bend their bodies, just to earn a title. Chyna particularly stood out to me. She was tough and could deal a lot of damage. Heck, she is the only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship, a belt exclusively for the men. To me, she was a feminist symbol in WWE, who showed that women were capable of going against guys. However, it saddens me that she has been doing porn lately. It also pissed me off that Triple H announced that Chyna would never make the Hall of Fame, because of her involvement with porn. She is a freaking icon of female strength and power and she is being excluded from the greats. That isn’t fair, considering how most of the men did a lot of crap outside the ring.

All time favorite female wrestler. Damn it, Vince! Put her in the HoF!

All time favorite female wrestler. Damn it, Vince! Put her in the HoF!

Now, the Divas division today is the segment that I watched the least. It is boring and incredibly short. There is no story for the women and all of them fly around, as if they were made of paper. I honestly hate how they’re just trying to make them look good, without showing any skill or attitude. Every week it’s the same thing. There’s no color or personality for the Divas. Why can’t WWE properly develop a story for the Divas? Why must every Diva have to be some sort of bombshell who simply want to look good? They should make female wrestlers who actually choose to be tough, rather than be eye-candy. The only tough looking one I’ve seen so far was Tamina Snuka and she barely has any screen time.

I don't mind seeing a few like these, but what the hell? Their ring performance is dull and predictable. In fact, the only time they actually shine is in their other show: Total Divas, and that is pretty much like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I don’t mind seeing a few like these, but what the hell? Their ring performance is kinda dull and predictable. In fact, the only time they actually shine is in their other show: Total Divas, and that is pretty much like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

For me, professional wrestling is about a display of raw power and ability. Yes, they rehearsed it, but I just find it so fun to see them behave so insanely. It actually makes me feel like a kid, you know, playing around and flailing my arms before I realized it looked embarrassing in front of the public? Anyway, I honestly wish there were cooler and tougher WWE divas, the kinds that show an aggressive, physical and somewhat athletical side of women.

To Men: Lesbians are NOT Sluts!

Many men have voiced out their disdain for the LGBT community. I’ve already made a post about the reasons why they are against it. Not all men are like that, but there are many who are against it, excluding those that follow a belief system (because it’s a matter of their faith, rather than personal understanding). Regardless, one thing that I despise about these men is that they think most of us are sluts.

Yes, because holding each other is an immediate sign of a relationship.

Yes, because holding each other is an immediate sign of a relationship.

When men think of lesbian, they often think of female-female relationships. That’s normal and correct. Lesbians are women who prefer the company of other women. What puzzles me is why on earth is one of the most common depictions of us are two scantily dressed women, kissing each other on the bed? For fuck’s sake, we’re not pleasure material for your wankers. We’re people. Yes, we do have sex from time to time. But that doesn’t fucking mean we do it like ten times a day like ecstatic rabbits during mating season!

Fucking stop that! We're not all like this! Yes, there are nymphos out there, but this is not how most lesbians are! This is just your

Fucking stop that! We’re not all like this! Yes, there are nymphos out there, but this is not how most lesbians are! This is just your “fap” material!

I seriously hate how many men automatically think of sex, when they hear the word “lesbian”. Stop thinking us as creatures with an enormous sexual appetite. We’re just like any other couple, but of the same sex. We talk, we go out, we watch movies, hell, we even argue about things that we don’t agree on – be it serious or mundane.

I don’t want to use my girlfriend as an example, but there was a period when we refused to speak to each other, because of a disagreement concerning about trash. She wanted to throw this old Walkman, but I wanted to keep it for nostalgic reasons (even if it didn’t work).

We're regular people, dammit!

You think we look weird or crazy? Name one time you haven’t acted like this with another person!

To most men, please top automatically thinking that we’re from Sodom or Gomorrah. Yes, there were lesbians and gays in that city, but there were also a number of heterosexual couples as well. The difference being that those two cities were all sex-crazed maniacs and were willing to sleep with just about anyone, or anything.

Lesbians are human beings, people. We’re no different from regular couples, but just happen to enjoy the company of our own sex more. If those are really your thoughts, please just keep them in your head and your rods in your pants, or some place where no one knows.


I don’t often curse, but I feel that I needed to here.

For Lauren

Wanted to write something about a very special someone in my life. Sorry if it sounds sappy, just wanted to get it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I first met you. I knew nothing of you. You were just one of the many new faces in this new stage of life called college. You were neither my friend, nor an acquaintance. I saw you as another freshman.

When I learned of your talent as an artist, I became weary of you. I grew jealous and cautious, because I wanted to be the only person in class with some talent in drawing. I saw you as a threat.

Then one day, our professor paired me with you for an assignment. We needed to spend a lot of time in the library, trying to research and study certain topics that were due very soon. I saw you as a study partner.

As time went on, I finally got to know you better. I was surprised to discover that we actually had similar interests and that perhaps you were more interested in those hobbies as much as I was. I saw you as a good friend.

Eventually, we spent more time together. We watched together, ate together and even relied on each other, when there was an assignment that we forgot to do. Others even joked about us being together. I denied this, never believing it to be true. However, as this went on, my heart grew warmer and I felt my chest heavy, whenever I was around you. I saw you as my crush.

However, I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept me. I was afraid that you would turn me down, or worse, you would begin to avoid me. We were both girls. Would you accept me? My feelings aside, I was simply afraid to lose you as a friend. I saw you as my distant star.

Then one day, you asked me over, because you told me that you had gotten a copy of a recently released movie. Excited, I came over to watch. However, when I arrived, there was no movie. Instead, I found you at your door. You took my hand and suddenly confessed to me. My heart practically exploded and I froze still for a few seconds. Tearfully, I said yes. That day, we became a couple.

We went through a lot together. There were days of laughter, tears and even anger. At times, we were inseparable. At other times, we chose to not speak to one another for a period. There were good times and bad times. Despite the times we fought, we always managed to patch things up.

You showed me the great courage that I didn’t have before. You are the most wonderful person in my life and I wish to have many more years together. Lauren, you are one of, if not THE, best thing that has happened in my life.

Thank you and much love,


Regarding Men: Obsession with Sex

It has been common for men to boast about their sexual exploits. To most men, having sex with several women is a great accomplishment. They would proudly declare how mighty their meat stick is and how they have conquered several attractive women. However, when a woman has sex with multiple partners, we are considered as obscene or sluts. Why is it like this? Why is it considered a good thing for a man to have sex with many women, but not the other way around? Just what sort of backwards discrimination is this? Now, I don’t promote to promote nymphomania or demand that it is okay for women to have sex with multiple partners, because I myself do not believe that it is not a belief that should be praised. I say this not only for women, but for men also.

Sex is a sacred act that should only be done between two people, who feel desire to share themselves with one another. They desire to feel one another’s passion and warmth. It should not be a fleeting moment for simple entertainment or amusement. It should definitely not be treated like a trip to an amusement park.

However, the question still stands. Why do many men consider having sex with multiple partners an accomplishment? Why are they so obsessed with sex? First of all, it is only natural for men to have sexual urges that they can’t control. Their testosterone level builds up and they need to release somehow. That is why they masturbate, to release their built up fluids. Now some women may find it disgusting, but it is a natural experience for men to masturbate. I have no problem with them masturbating, as long we don’t see it or are even informed about it. If we women have our periods, men have masturbation. It is something that happens and we can’t change that.

I have no problem with masturbation, but having casual sex just to release tension isn’t something that I would so very much approve.

Now, the big question. Why are they so obsessed with sex? Just why must they find several women to stick their dick in? Just how is it an accomplishment? Well, the funny thing about that, I believe, is because of performance. For many years, men have considered themselves as the more dominant gender. They feel that they need to be in top, both physically and mentally. Ironically, the ones who actually do better in bed are women.

Women last longer in the bed, can have multiple orgasms and actually know better about the body than men do. Most men can orgasm or climax once. Once they do, they go into a refractory period, which causes them to experience pain in their nether regions, making them unable to perform. They also have a tendency to climax quickly. It is because of the built in tension that they become frustrated, if they are unable to release. Holding it in for long periods can easily frustrate them.

Women are better in bed than men.

Women are better in bed than men.

The reason why men consider multiple sex as an accomplishment is because they do not wish to appear incompetent. It’s like a test of strength or stamina to them, or better yet, it’s like a game of how many beers they could drink. They want to show that they are truly men and have the manhood to prove it.

Please stop treating sex as an activity that can just be freely done, because you feel like it.

Please stop treating sex as an activity that can just be freely done, because you feel like it.

In my opinion, it’s a ridiculous and stupid game. Having much sex isn’t the mark of a man, but of an untamed, uncivilized beast. I don’t want to pull the stereotype card, but a real man is the one that can take responsibility and has the courage to say “no” or “sorry”. Real men do not start fights, but instead confront others. They choose to stand up and defend themselves, but do not injure with fists bent on personally harming someone. They are respectful to themselves and women.

So men, please stop treating sex as a competition. If you need to release, just go to a room, lock the door and release all you want. However, do not treat women as trophies to conquer and do not so casually surrender your seed.